Permanent birth control options

When you’ve decided that your family is complete, permanent birth control, often referred to as sterilization, may be an option to consider. We offer several options for women who no longer wish to become pregnant. These options include tubal ligation, postpartum tubal ligation and a tubal implant (Essure).

Facts about sterilization:

  • It is effective and permanent. Sterilization has been shown to be 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. It should only be chosen if you are certain you will never want to get pregnant in the future.
  • It won’t protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). You should continue to take appropriate precautions to reduce your risk of contracting an STD such as HIV. Your primary care provider can discuss these precautions with you.
  • It doesn’t affect your menstrual cycle. You will continue to release an egg every month and have menstrual periods until you naturally go through menopause.
  • It is considered safe, but there are risks. For example, sterilization can slightly increase your risk of ectopic pregnancy. In this situation, the fallopian tubes either don’t close as anticipated or grow back together and allow a fertilized egg to develop outside the uterus. This is a rare but potentially life-threatening condition. Ask your provider about the risks and potential complications of any birth control method you are considering.
  • It is usually covered. Most health plans cover the cost of sterilization procedures at 100 percent without a copayment or deductible. Call your insurer to verify your coverage.

To learn more about the permanent birth control options available at GRHS, download our permanent birth control brochure, talk to your primary care provider or make an appointment with our OB-GYN department.


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