Your electronic medical record

The Excellian EMR optimizes the quality, efficiency, safety and personalization of your health care.

Glencoe Regional Health Services (GRHS) utilizes Excellian, one of the most advanced and widely used electronic medical record (EMR) systems available today. Excellian is a software product from EPIC that is used by many health care organizations across the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.

About Excellian
Excellian optimizes the quality, efficiency, safety and personalization of your care. For example, Excellian:

  • Gives your health care providers immediate access to your complete medical history with just a few mouse clicks, so they are well informed when making treatment decisions
  • Allows you to have one common medical record that may be securely accessed by providers at GRHS and at other health care systems across Minnesota for consistent, high-quality care at home and away
  • Delivers your lab test and medical imaging results faster for quicker diagnosis and treatment
  • Eliminates hand-written orders for greater accuracy and safety
  • Automatically cross-checks any new prescriptions your provider is considering to ensure there are no negative interactions with your known allergies or current medications
  • Gives you a secure portal, called MyChart, where you can access portions of your medical record, schedule appointments, email your providers and more.

As always, the privacy of your medical information is strictly protected. Only medical personnel involved in your care can access your electronic medical record. Excellian further protects your privacy by tracking any unauthorized access to your medical record.

Consent for a common record
You can have one common medical record that may be securely accessed by health care providers at GRHS and any other health care system that participates in the Allina Health EMR affiliate network. The network includes Hutchinson Health and all Allina Health clinics and hospitals. To provide your consent for a common medical record, please download and complete all three of the following forms:

Consent for Release and Combining of Health Records Among Health Care Providers
Consent for Treatment and Assignment of Benefits
Consent for Release of Information*

*This form is NOT for obtaining, releasing or transferring records. Please use our release of information form to request that your records be sent to you or another party.

Please bring your completed consent forms, along with a picture ID and your insurance card, to any GRHS clinic and present them to the check-in desk for processing. All patients must complete these forms before obtaining care at GRHS for the first time on or after Aug. 1, 2013.

For more information about Excellian and the consent process, please review:
Frequently Asked Questions: Electronic Medical Records


Release of medical record information
We will need your written permission to release information from your medical records to insurance companies, attorneys, health care providers that are not covered by your consent for a common medical record among Allina Health EMR affiliates or other parties. We also need your written permission to transfer any outside medical records into your EMR at GRHS.

Please visit our release of information page for details and the required forms.


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