Hospital renovation

entrance closed

Our hospital entrance is closed during construction. Patients and visitors should use the clinic entrance during this time.

In September 2016, we began a $5 million renovation of the entire first floor of the hospital building on our Glencoe campus. The project goals are to improve our services and provide greater comfort and privacy to our patients in the emergency room, urgent care center and medical imaging, orthopedics, podiatry, oncology, surgery and urology departments.

Before you visit our campus at 1805 Hennepin Ave. N. in Glencoe, be aware of these construction-related changes:

  • Use the north parking lot entrance. The south entrance is closed.
  • Use the clinic entrance to reach both the hospital and clinic. It is staffed 24/7. The hospital entrance is closed.
  • Look for signs in the clinic lobby to direct you to the appropriate check-in station for the purpose of your visit.
  • Stop at the new patient-transport desk in the clinic lobby if you would like directions, an escort or wheelchair assistance to any department in the building.
  • Visit local merchants for gift items before you arrive at GRHS. The hospital gift shop is closed; however, fresh flowers are available for purchase from the flower case in the clinic lobby.

When the renovation is complete in July 2017, patients and visitors will experience:

  • A new hospital registration and check-in desk that affords greater privacy and confidentiality
  • New specialty care exam rooms that are located closer to operating rooms and imaging technology for efficient care
  • An in-house magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suite with new scanner so patients won’t need to exit the building to undergo a scan in our current mobile MRI unit
  • A larger, more comfortable surgery waiting area
  • Renovated pre- and post-operative care areas, a new endoscopy suite and a new nursing station in the surgery department
  • Reorganized space for efficient care in the emergency room (ER) and urgent care center
  • A decontamination room for patients who have been exposed to hazardous materials
  • Large, comfortable new facilities for patients undergoing chemotherapy and infusion therapy

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