Family medicine

Family medicine physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are primary care providers who see patients of all ages — sometimes whole families, or even generations of families.To make an appointment with one of our family medicine providers, call 320-864-7816 or toll free 1-800-869-3116 between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.
Kristen Budahn, MD Kristen Budahn, MD

I provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of acute illnesses and chronic conditions that can occur in patients of all ages. I also provide preventive services and education to help my patients stay in their best health…learn more about Dr. Budahn

William Hammes, MD William Hammes, MD

Originally, I was drawn toward surgery as a specialty. Happily, office procedures are still an interesting, challenging part of my practice, but I’m glad I chose family medicine. It offers something different every day…learn more about Dr. Hammes

Tyler Helland, MD Tyler Helland, MD

I provide care for patients of all ages in the clinic, hospital and emergency room. My interests also include sports medicine, colonoscopy, and chronic disease management…learn more about Dr. Helland

Kristine Knudten, MD Kristine Knudten, MD

Family medicine is a great way to practice – I work with babies, moms, kids, dads and grandparents, so I stay on top of all types of care for all ages. My families like having one physician who knows the whole group…learn more about Dr. Knudten

Amanda Leino, MD Amanda Leino, MD

I work with patients of all ages, and I especially enjoy caring for women and children. Because I believe it’s important to make healthy choices, I’m also an educator…learn more about Dr. Leino

Laura Olson, MD Laura Olson, MD

Before medical school, I studied animal science, concentrating on research, animal physiology and endocrinology. Before long, I realized that I wanted to apply my work to helping people, so I studied nursing, followed by medical school…learn more about Dr. Olson

Bryan Petersen, MD Bryan Petersen, MD

I enjoy all facets of my practice — meeting the varied needs of my patients, who come in all shapes and sizes. GRHS has been a favorite of mine since medical school, when I had an internship here…learn more about Dr. Petersen

Douglas Wagoner, MD Douglas Wagoner, MD

I welcome patients in all stages of life, including those who are in Long Term Care. I really enjoy the range and diversity of my practice…learn more about Dr. Wagoner

Christa Waymire, MD Christa Waymire, MD

Family medicine is so satisfying — a doctor can really get to know generations of the same family and get a “big picture” of their home lives. I especially like the setting here at GRHS, where care and compassion are all in a day’s work…learn more about Dr. Waymire

Kari Knodel-Vettel, MPAS, PA-C Kari Knodel Vettel, MPAS, PA-C

Variety is my favorite part of family medicine. I enjoy cardiovascular disease prevention and I work hard to help my patients control their diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weight…learn more about Kari Knodel Vettel

Sheryl Bartholow, FNP-BC Sheryl Bartholow, FNP-BC

As a family nurse practitioner working in GRHS clinics in Stewart and Glencoe, I provide routine primary care. This includes preventive care for patients of all ages and treatment of a wide range of illnesses and minor injuries. When a patient has more complex needs, I consult with or refer the patient to a physician…learn more about Sheryl Bartholow

Michelle Quale, CNM, FNP-BC Michelle Quale, CNM, FNP-BC

As a certified nurse midwife, I work with patients throughout their pregnancies, manage their labor and delivery, and help them through postpartum issues such as help with breastfeeding. I am also a family nurse practitioner, so I provide a wide spectrum of care….learn more about Michelle Quale


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