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GRHS has received five patient safety excellence awards from the Minnesota Hospital Association.

We like what we do and we do it well, but it’s always great to hear from others that we’re getting it right.

We proudly report that GRHS has received five Patient Safety Awards from the Minnesota Hospital Association: SAFE from FALLS, SAFE SKIN, SAFE COUNT, SAFE SITE and SAFE ACCOUNT.

For our work to reduce the number of surgical errors in the operating room. SAFE SITE protocol requires the surgical team to call a “time out” before an incision is made. The team confirms the details of the surgery using a script and checklist.

For our procedures to prevent objects from being left inside a mother following delivery of her baby. SAFE COUNT requires a team of attendants to count each piece of equipment or bandage before and after the delivery.

For our efforts to prevent pressure ulcers from forming on bed patients’ skin.

SAFE from FALLS Award
For our work to protect our patients who are at risk from falls. Teams are created to assess a patient’s risk, to notify all staff, and then to create a procedure for transferring the patient safely between bed, toilet, bath, wheelchair or any other transfer situation.

For our work to prevent retained objects in the operating room. Teams work collectively to count and account for surgical items used in the operating room in an effort to prevent them from being unintentionally left behind in patients.


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