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Past Issues
June 2013 (Foot care, sun safety, strawberries)
May 2013 (Pain management during childbirth, meet our obstetrics providers, pelvic floor muscles and super foods for pregnancy)
March 2013 (Establishing healthy habits, BMI and body shape, dishes with fishes)
February 2013 (Going gluten-free, food allergies vs. food intolerance, gluten-free recipes)

December 2012 (Flu, hand-washing, Brussels sprouts)
November 2012 (PMS, heavy periods, physical therapy for incontinence, squash)
September 2012
(Fatigue, restless leg syndrome, frozen spinach)
August 2012 (Kids and weight, sugary drinks, picky eaters, healthy snack dips)
June 2012 (First-aid, when to call 911, watermelon)
May 2012 (Parenting, sunscreen, headaches, asparagus)
March 2012 (Avoiding diabetes, know your numbers, avocado)
February 2012 (Vaginal infections, sacroiliac joint pain, grapefruit)

December 2011 (Coping with winter, foot pain, holiday stress, cranberries)
November 2011 (Nurse midwife care, sinusitis, heart disease, sweet potatoes)
September 2011 (Pap smears, hot flashes, safe lifting, beets)
August 2011 (Back-to-school, insomnia, white beans)


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