Ambulance service

GRHS ambulance crew with Allina uniform.

In an emergency, you can count on dedicated paramedics.

9-1-1.┬áThree magic numbers that bring life-saving care to you. When you make that call, you can be confident the ambulance that speeds to you will be equipped with the latest technology and the most highly-trained and well-prepared crew you’ll find in our region.

Advanced Life Support
GRHS holds an Advanced Life Support license for its ambulance service. This means that the paramedics are trained and certified to start a wide range of treatments in the field, before the patient arrives at the ER.

Staff can insert breathing tubes, interpret EKGs to diagnose heart attack, administer shocks to correct abnormal heart rhythms, attend emergency childbirths, clear obstructed airways, control bleeding, start IVs and administer a broad range of medications.

“In cases of life-threatening illness or injury, advanced life support capability can make all the difference,” says James Jessen, MD, a GRHS family medicine physician who specializes in emergency medicine.

Now managed by Allina Health Emergency Medical Services
Effective July 1, 2014, GRHS transitioned daily operations of its ambulance service to Allina Health Emergency Medical Services (AHEMS), one of the region’s largest ambulance and medical transportation services. GRHS continues to hold its ambulance service license. The ambulance service staff are now employed by AHEMS and wear Allina Health uniforms. GRHS ambulances feature the Allina Health logo on the driver- and passenger-side doors. One of the benefits of this transition is that area residents will receive enhanced service when they call 911. When local 911 calls are relayed to AHEMS, specially trained dispatchers will confirm that help is on the way and stay on the line to provide the caller with support and specific instructions.


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