Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patient and Family Advisory Council members work with our staff to ensure that our services are responsive to the needs of patients and families.

Our advisory council members help us ensure that our services meet the needs of patients and families.

The volunteers who serve on our Patient and Family Advisory Council help us to understand and consider the perspectives of patients and their family members as we work to improve the quality, safety and experience of care at Glencoe Regional Health Services (GRHS).

Open communication
The council is composed of community volunteers called patient/family advisors, who must be either patients themselves or family members of patients who have received health care services at GRHS. Council members meet with GRHS senior leadership six times per year. The council meetings are a forum for patient/family advisors to provide us with:

  • Insight about how patients and their families experience our services; and
  • Advice to help us improve the quality and safety of the care we provide.

Making a difference for patients
Since 2015, the council has been involved in projects such as:

  • Providing input on the process for discharging patients from the hospital
  • Assisting with the selection of new beds for our long term care residents
  • Planning a private lounge for transitional care patients and their families
  • Serving on the GRHS ethics committee

We need your perspective, too
GRHS is currently seeking qualified individuals to join our Patient and Family Advisory Council. If you’d like to volunteer your time to share your perspective and help to improve your community’s health care system, please:



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